November 04, 2007

and we're just about done ...

one more truck load tomorrow - and Deb's stuff will all be here. the kitchen is already organized and her room, just has to sort her 23 boxes of books - keep this one out, put that one downstairs... and once the last load gets her and leaves here we'll beable to organize the living room a bit better.

art work is hung, mask collection moved, though there will be boxes everywhere for a coupla days.

my cableguy was here about 4 - they were supposed to change my package and the tech cut me off on the outside of the house. and there was a cable mushed. fixed. and still the package change hadn't happened. so i called and asked for a credit for my inconvenience - she said only 2.50 for 2 days down, so instead she is mailing me several coupons for pay per view movies. ok.

angus bodhi cat has come out from under derek's bed to scuttle under derek's couch. he is eating regularly and being regular in his litter box which makes derek very happy. i still feel badly but i do feel better.

my place no longer smells like teen spirit.

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