November 17, 2007

a good time had by most

all dressed up and where do we go? the pub. katie in a floor length blue number shimmering in sparklies. abibail in her new frock and jules in a short little spring green number. stace fabulous in leopard print and elbow length gloves. sharon was suited up and her dotter was skirted as well. i went a la chatelaine, with pin striped full length suiting AND heels (little tiny ones yes, but heels nonetheless). rod as ever, was semiformal, Danny and Dan in a couple of sharp suits and aiden quite dapper with the french trench and fedora. a huge crew - lots of smiles and a dollop of dancing. only a few of the crew missing the action ... we missed them though and cheersed them as well.

my devi is over for a girl's night. we went and got groceries & cooked supper, watched a couple of movies with dessert, did some laundry (she loves to go in the basement). she whopped me in frustration and by 10 pm she wanted to go to bed. angels they are.

i spent 4 hours this am sorting through the almost 600 pics we took last night and ended up with 311 i wanted to keep, cropped shopped and shrunk. i created a crackbook album - and it hung... another .... tried to edit the first - hung ... created a third (and in the meantime rebooted pc, dumped temp files, cleared cache etc ...) still no go. maybe the crack is too busy - it was midafternoon .... try later. so half an hour ago .... i deleted 4 old albums that i didn't want to delete - thought maybe 20 albums was an unknown limit. created 4th new album, clicked create now ... hung .... %$)(*&%^(^$$#%$*$&^%@$#@$#@%#^%I*%^#*%(I%P*)$%

you get the picture - or you don't - none does .... aarrgghhhhh!

here's the whole crew we could gather at a random time last night:

for me, it' back to trying to get the damn things posted .. wish me luck ;)


Abigail Road said...

Imagine if we had everyone there? We're definitly going to have to do that one someday!

Anonymous said...

Best, birthday ever.
I especially enjoy the picture of super-me!

i am the diva said...

awww, looks like y'all had a good time :D

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