November 03, 2007

11:53 pm - almost blew it

it's saturday, the house cleared around 10ish - still some crap to move tomorrow. have to pick up some groceries. missed going out with the girls (sorry laurie) but needed to get his shit together - and of course sit down to find some entertainment and the damn cable is "temporarily off the air" and then nothing 45 minutes later, access is finally sending someone tomorrow - first they said thursday - i don't freaking think so! what about dancing with the stars???

either way - very busy day. angus is not happy where he is. i feel guilty. my son is sick - and there is nothing i can do to help. my grandson is being an nasty piece of work - just completely disrespectful and defiant, throwing food etc ... and he actually said to me that YES it was okay to throw food - in your face rude this little 6 year old. did my time with that sort.

lots to do tomorrow, cheers


Abigail Road said...

And here I am pouting about feeling left out, and you've had a craptastic day. I feel like a big Eeyore now. :)

wench said...

well i am feeling left out too sweetie - for lot's of reasons. i went and read your blog and it ALWAYS makes me feel better 0 because i know that i am not the only one ... in the shitstorm. it's now 11 am Sun - still not done

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