November 10, 2007

Who are you?

Someone asked me who I was the other day and I figured that I am the sum of my experiences supported by my desires and principles. I am an extaordinary machine, so here I am:

Experience: I've had all kinds of jobs from service industry to retail, small town cab dispatcher, was a nurse's aid in a senior's home for a bit but my compassion got me into trouble there, waitress, bar wench, short order cook. Office cleaner, Avon, Tupperware, Coppercraft, Trichem, pizza delivery, sold diamonds, denim store manager, student, tutor. Spent a couple of years as a front office manager for a re/maint. business and I've been at my current company for almost 14 years. Started in customer service business and residential, call center, 7 years on the support desk, facilitator & trainer, tech asst with AV and the last 2 years I have been a Communications Analyst, which is just a fancy title for writer. I consider myself lucky because I get up every morning and go to a job I actually like to do, and from my experience there aren't that many people around who get that bonus.

Relationships: Been married (16 & 28) and divorced (23 & 40ish)- twice obviously, but for the most part not bitter, shit happens and people change, get over yourself. I have made a serious effort at releasing all the crap we generally hold onto, though the occasional memory may spark a moment of angst it's generally a flash in the pan. I believe in love. My daughter is 27 with a boy and girl of her own (they are 7 & 6, and a limitless source of joy to me) and her partner Chris, whom I consider my second son. My first son is 24 and just moved into his own place this week. I am very proud of my kids, they have managed, in the face of all kinds of dysfunction and heart rending experiences to become people I am blessed to consider my friends.

Creation is my motivator. A tailor who doesn't sew much for $$ anymore, mostly just interesting projects and fix me ups. Drawing with charcoal, some pastel and I love to paint - houses, murals, landscapes and art glass. COLOUR INTESITY ENERGY I learned to carve 2 years ago, to make reverse molds for solid pottery, and to use a potter's wheel for small projects. Now there is a skill that will take some serious time to master. Love to cook and hate to dust. Bringing old furniture back to life, renewal is a strong theme. I try to be as environmentally friendly as I can.

MUSIC, the chord that ties all the strange little bits of me together. I play piano (rusty) and years ago played drums and bit of bass guitar. In my youth I had a great voice now it's fairly gravelly but I still sing along anyhow. Today I'm listening to Irish Tenors, Leonard Cohen, Fiona Apple, Sublime, a little Tool and Leon Redbone. With music comes dancing, love ballroom never learned any latin except the tango, though it intrigues me - strange how life gets in the way - My son and his friends dragged me into the rave scene (for the music not the E) for awhile, where I found the joy of closing my eyes and grooving IN the music. There is NOTHING like 20 feet of speakers informing your bare toes that the grass is ready to accept your footprints while the torches illuminate the swirk of other dancers all together, and yet all alone.

People are sustenance for this gregarious girl/woman/child. Friends range in age from about 17 to 76, we hold each other up and we hold each other down. We let us be who we are without need for plastic and pretense, I am surrounded by love and all good things and a hug is never very far away. It's like a mobile village and you run into your neighbours everywhere you go. It's grand! A social butterfly, surrounded by people - doing whatever, it's a very tasty vibe.

An eternal student, I have a BA and enough credits for 3/4 of 3 other degrees but no real drive to complete them - career in hand, university was about the learning. I would love to d0 my masters but practically speaking, that will have to wait until I am not working fulltime or I win the lottery (note to self - buy a ticket). HUGE reader, I devour books. Used be totally focused on technology but now I'd say I'm just an amateur geek, who just this week could not remember the" msconfig" command because I haven't used it in so long.

Beliefs: the golden rule, heart sense, active compassion, friendship, spirituality, communication, truth, personal honour. life as a celebration and a gift - don't waste it.

Biggest stresses are weight & smoking, an interminable war my whole life. up and down and up and down, stop & start. Now both are slowly creeping downwards. Eat healthy small portions often, exercise, avoid fats and sugar - don't buy smokes & avoid places where others are smoking - I know the drill - work in progress, but then aren't we all.

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