November 24, 2007

11:47 almost missed it ...

mmmm saturday - slept in until almost 10, mind you i didn't get home till midnite and i still haven't got the christmas cards done ... or the never ending gods bedamned laundry.

went to the psychic fair at the catholic church .. you heard me correctly ... quite blase with the exception of the chakra reader and the labyrinth the Rainbow Youth Centre kids made - it was beautiful - and they did it on canvass so it's portable. however on the topic of contradictions the stations of the cross is also a labyrinthan pattern. altogether different from mazes, no dead ends or offshoots and the path to the center is also the path out. it's a gathwering of focus and release after centering. crete's labyrinth was supposedly created to trap the magical energies of the minotaur. it is also purported by some that all of the greatest of the ancient cities like Troy and constantinople were built over labyrinths as well. London too actually, based on the traditions of the earlier peoples before it became an urban center and was a simple collection of verdant hills.

i also came across some infor on mayan astrology which i have been looking for for a while nbow - so that will be an interesting winter project.

a lovely luch at donnakaykes with miss PJ and a tour of some of the 13th avenue shops. ihad no idea A CUP of Tea was even there. brought home some Latte Moachohita" tea, which smells like coffee. hmmmmm - not for me - just tasted wrong - not bad. should have got the raspberry or the jasmin - transcendant. we went to awarehouse for a browse - and for the first time the person behind the counter just didn't fit with the ambience of the store. he was a discordant note in an otherwise welcoming tone. supercillious, arrogant and nowhere near as knowledgeable as he attempted to present. i'll go back another day and pick up what i wanted.

then i messed about around the house, played a whack of crackbook scrabble - even got 3 - 7letter words in one game. deb & i got the invitations out for the OLA - Meeting of the Broads.

and now to bed.

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