November 13, 2007

tuesday tuesday - my good news day

hopefully my friend the palinode is having his suspension adjusted this afternoon and he can burn his membership to the "I walk slower than a turtle club" (i have no idea how long it'll be before i can burn mine but i am working on a third referral to an orthapedic surgean - still trying to get a freaking appointment)

abigail has found some spark ..... who hoo!

savia managed to get to bc to be with superstar.

david emailed me his number so we can get the loveseat moved ;)

my devi girl sent me an email.

i found i nice pair of mitts for Deb, whose lost 2 pair in one week at dollarama lama bing bang, which my son and i toured when he surprised me by showing up at my work to take me for lunch (though i had already had a small thing of frys earlier) he bought all kinds of stuff, I bought mitts and borrowed 10 bucks :) HAH! now there's a turnaround...

damn but his showing up sure did my heart good. a bit of mommy anxiety plaguing me since yesterday.

gotta run, love y'all

1 comment:

Abigail Road said...

Savia went to BC? Damn, I'm outta then loop.

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