November 23, 2007

hot diggity ...

this has been the oohso long whenwilliteverend yegodsihateitwheniwhine damnmykneehurts week. and now it is done. well almost.

as i sit here listening to the newly installed burner in my pc humming along copying my back up files (you do burn back ups of your stuff once in a while don't you?) i have a deep sense of accomplishment for all of the work i have managed to finish this week. i even managed a pint or two with the crew at the pub and Stace popped over for a bit after, dinner with my son at his place, a visit with Lu at her's, downloaded a few movies, played some scrabulous and even took the garbage out.

i am supposed to be going out visit da goils but i think my knee has put the kibosh on that & my dance night may have become gimp night BUT i finally got my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon - can you believe it - NEXT WEDNESDAY. my xrays are ready and waiting to be picked up and then it's off to the Kinesiology dept at the UofR. i shouldn't whine though because i've lived through back pain and this is NADA compared to that - BTW - YAY AIDEN! - painfree and mobile once again. i am hoping it doesn't take as long to get the surgery on my knee - or they don't come up with the "elective" crap - but thanks for the incontinence tip cause when the knee she goes i can't get to where i need to. it hasn't happened yet and i don't want to borrow trouble but if it gets the knee fixed sooner i'm in.

anyway, the deal with the knee is there's a hard nodule floating around in the knee cap and it doesn't hurt or even seem like it's there until it gets stuck BETWEEN 2 muscles/tendons/pieces of cartilage, but when it does .... and the effects are random. PAIN stiffness - load cracking - the knee collapses, can't lift anything using that leg as foundation (lift from the knees), stairs are bad leg first going down and bad leg last going up while twofooting each step and this week we add to the list the back of knee pit gets sharp dagger like stabbing sensations immobilizing leg from hip to ankle - BUT it doesn't swell, it's not constant, and i'm only taking IBProfin for it.

so today i will just be thankful to get everything done and have a nice relaxing weekend. (even though i really really really want to go dancng" OH YEAH, that's where i was going in the last paragraph - the big problem with my knee is that it limits where i can go - i walk everywhere and i love to dance, in fact i usually walk to work.

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Schmutzie said...

That's excellent! I hope your surgery comes in good time.

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