August 23, 2007


it's still yucky. it was too dark to read on my deck by 7:30 pm last night (heavy sigh) i had to turn my fan off and use an actual blanket when i went to sleep.

this morning i woke up at 5am and the birdies weren't even singing. you are still hiding. i wanted to just stuff my head between my pillows and stay hibernated.

we love you. if you show up tomorrow we can guarantee that we will sing and dance to your awesomeness. we might even sacrifice a pint or two.


Abigail Road said...

Isn't it sad? Damn, it even SMELLS like Fall.

Pocket.Buddha said...

i guess i did my sun dance wrong, i will try again. i went for a walk at 5:30 this morning and there was frost on the cars. . . but i refuse to believe that i cannot make it go away by sheer force of will

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