August 27, 2007

monday, monday ... so good to me ... la la la

i believe that work today will be less work than staying home since i have a list of projects that need to get done. it seems that i just get the list reduced and murphy and his blasted get infest my home and gives me more to do.

I fixed the light switch (or thought i had) in my office 3 weeks ago only to have it go wonky on me again. the actual switch inside the wall keeps coming loose and it's affecting the contact so you have to wiggle the wall plate to get the light to stay ON! so now i need an electrician for a light fixture (previous problem) and a wall plate. right after my son went to work around 9:30 or so my lighter disappeared. usually not a traumatic event, however after spending time with my grands, my patience tends to wear fairly low and i knew that my stash of matches had already been rifled. i checked everywhere - it's gone (grrr growling under my breath at my son) i did manage to find some matches stashed in a box so at least i could have a smoke, but by the time i found them i could really have used a drink to go with it. the kids came and picked up seth at noon and i went for a nap.

i woke up around 4 - too late to get to the store of course. moved some plants back inside from the deck. did a few dishes, made a bite to eat and watched "Guess Who" a hilarious little tv show with Ashton Kutcher as the unannounced white boyfriend of the darling of a black family. a much needed diversion.

i was out on the deck reading when the boy came home with dreadlilocks in tow, to play on the computers of course - which still have some IE launching malware installed on them that i have been unable to remove after the boys attempted to patch a game they were playing last wednesday or thursday.

i went to go back into the house only to have my back door knob refuse to turn in my hand. fuck! enough! so there i stood banging on the damn door at 8 in the evening and my son looks at me when he opens the door like i'm some feeble old fool. "the door isn't locked you know..." eyebrow raised. so i showed him how the knob wouldn't turn. swore some more and went straight to bed. not 20 minutes later i hear a distant bang bang bang. oh yeah! it's the boys - locked out on the deck, and i have to get out of my nice comfortable bed to let them in. the boy says "well i made sure i had my keys ... and i tried to stop him from closing the door ..." keys will not open a door whose handle will not turn.

then it was up and down all bloody night & up for the day at the ridonkulous hour of 5:30 am - why? no freakin idea. showered went to have a smoke, i only have one left - and i cannot find the matches. found 'em and ID NOT lock myself out of the house. add to to do list - get new back door knob. very autumnal out this morning. first week that i'll be working 5 days since mid-May. think it may be a long one. heavy sigh ...

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