August 03, 2007


the famdamily was of to the EX Wednesday afternoon - thought we'd take advantage of the cooler weather 28-29 and the breeze that was blowing. WHAT A BLAST!

devi is now 4 feet tall and cannot fit on all the kiddie rides any longer, while seth is only 44" so he still gets to ride them all. she was some put out let me tell you. talk about the righteous indignation of a seven year old who has already measured herself on the chart provided and then the ride master says NO. she looked like she was ready to spit.

they love the rides these kids, especially the roller coasters and anything that goes high in the sky. this year devi is tall enough to go on most of the big rides so she went with her mom on the tidal wave ... OMG at least she started out having fun. by the time she got off her little face was tearstained and her knuclkes were still white. i believe it was a little more than she bargained for, but it didn't really slow her down. seth & chris were riding the bumper cars while devi was looking at the loop de loop ride. she turned to her mom and said "I think I can handle that" ye gods and little fishes children are resilent. so I had her watch both rides to see that they moved the same except the loop went right upside down. when we explained that your bum lifts right of the seat as you hang there she said, "I think I'll save that for next year" ... too funny. then it was on tho the gravitron tand the niagra - food and game prozes and shiny beads. I got some great pics of them which i'll get posted on the clansite or facebook or somewhere.

the kids also went on this bungee jumping ride. trampolines and bungee cords with safety harnesses. the people running the ride were great. it should be about 2 minutes but the kids got about 5 minutes of air time each. they were flying higher than the treetops and the roof of the Queensbuty building - what a rush! spiderman, spiderman ... they didn't want to get off, and they wanted back on...

Mandy & Chris and the kids got the old tyme phots done this year and I hovered in the background snapping colour pics to complement the sepia ones they purchased. devi loved the princess dress and seth loved the 22. I got shit from the photographer for saying "smile".

6 or 7 hours of treading hot pavement has taken it's toll. the dogs are just killing me and the next morning i could barely step on 'em. then i realized i also had a fairly good sunwind burn to go with it. to hell with it we all had fun - it was a great day.

Thursday was nice AC coolness at work and a put your feet up slather moisturizer on, get pics processed kind day. Mur is getting ready for Connect (heavy sigh-i want to go too), most of my friends are going camping for the long weekend and I will be going to MJ for dad's 70th birthday Sunday and my friend Renee's on Monday for a gala 49th last party before you're dead celebration (she's 50 next year).

today the feets is better, the burn's a tan and I only work this afternoon. life is good today my friends :) happy long!

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