August 12, 2007

breathing space ...

change is eternal ...

and today my boss came back from her vacation and I am very very very glad. I did manage to hold downt the fort without any major fracas (albeit a few spelling errors and comma splices)while she was gone, but I was certainly a busy little bee.

wow - it's been 10 glorious days of summer weather since I last jotted notes to the few patient readers who pop in to see if I'm stil breathing. I am. the heat is wonderful but the humidity just sucks the energy right out of you like an electrolux after dust bunnies, or a summer-decker sucks back pints.

the Aug long weekend was a gooder. another fraturday night at OHees, off to the Jaw for my dad's 70th birthday (which for a while there we were pretty sure we wouldn't see - thank you oh hundred little gods for thine intervention) Sunday was my girl Renee's 49th birthday for which she had been planning a BBQ extraordinaire and of course - not only does it rain it freakin pours!

does she remember she has a 2 car carport? do I remember she has a 2 car carport? anyone else involved? of course not. but providence is a flighty thing and when I stopped by Luanne's for a ride over to Renee's - SHE remembered ... (open the locker door - "All Hail Empress Luanne") To hell with the rain tables chairs presents food beers people and hornets - off to the carport. we would have moved that spanking new bbq too but as Murphy would have it the rain cleared up by grillin' time. Guaranteed if we moved all the furniture back onto the deck, the rain would have reasserted its control and it would be back to drippytown. and we had a blast! ot two and the steaks were tasty, April made this mango corn salsa M-m-mm-mm and she bought liqueur filled strawberries - the stuff in the Elephant bottle that I love but always forget the name for ... and Lisa brought angel food cake and real whipping cream ... it was simply delightful

then it was back to work for 3 days shorter than I needed and it was fraturday again... with the hoopla reagining free and the folkfest tuneage drifting over the deck, old sots we hadn't seen for awhile kept randomly popping up and when the rain drummed it was off to Crazy Dee's for more laughter & frollicking.

then came funday (the day after fraturday) or in this case, another fraturday filled with the folksy dirges in the park followed by a happytime buyout from several escapees at O'hee's and on to the annual helpdesk pub crawl ... how can you NOT love summer? decadence to the break and on to the distrikt - the hooligans rejoiced and danced till we simply could NOT dance NO more (or at least some of us)... cause the bar was closing and they were givin' us the boot. and who were the last of the hooligans still astandin' on da corner eatin' hot dogs & waiting for a taxi - da goils!

then it was time to put away the glory days, clean up the act and get ready for work. Housework and laundry, a good book on the deck and family phone calls... life is gooood!

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