August 17, 2007

awarded for "niceness"

so my lovely friend of the orange scarf and dreadlilocks (knuckle toes) has awarded me for "niceness" and that after I was being my normally picky self and correcting her spelling on her profile. Here's what knuckle toes had to say when she bestowed this honour upon me own self:
"Clearly you deserve this prestigious award. You are always around to offer helpful advice, or an anecdote to go along with any problem or scenario. Your funny, caring, and just plain neat."

it made me start to think of the virtue of niceness. what does it really mean? when i look at the people who have already received the award, i know i'm in with the good crowd. these are all people who go out of their way to be friendly to strangers, help their friends and at the same time don't put up with crap from negative people. they smile. they're funny. they encourage niceness to grow. they live who are they are without masks or bullshit. they actually express their care for people everyday. and some of them make REALLY good cookies :)

simplified karma ~ what goes around comes around. so i am supposed to nominate nice people that i know and keep the niceness flowing. to Abigail who is pretty much one of the best people you could ever get to know and as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. to schmutzie who makes me laugh and cry and makes me exercize my brain. and to palinode, one of the nicest guys i know, the squinty eyed portugee whose blog keeps me rolling on the floor.

and to a couple of people who don't blog and will probably never read this, my best friend Deb who is there - always. to Luanne who is THE nicest person i know and would go out on a limb for just about anybody, and for Renee who is even nice to the trees:)

Thanks, i'm in pretty heady company!


i am the diva said...

what a great idea to award the niceness to people you know but who aren't bloggers. there's a few in my life who could stand to be awarded for niceness

Abigail Road said...'re so sweet. Really.

palinode said...

And I thank you. I never think of myself as being particularly well-mannered, but I defer to your wisdom and intuition. Do they have a wisdom award out there?

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