August 22, 2007

letter to the Sun:

where did you go? school doesn't go back in until next week. there are still 10 days left in august. and labour day weekend is always our last chance for camping (except your are munificent and hang around a little extra through to October)

you peeked at me for mere moments at coffee break and then hid yourself again so fast i almost missed it entirely. please note i did not complain about your heat when it was 35 or 36 or even one day 37 degrees before the humidity. sure i complained about the humidity - but never the sunshine.

i love you. you make my flowers bloom, my grass greener and my skin tawny (to hell with the whole UV crap - i prefer brown to dead fish white thank you) my heart soars when you fill my sky. your rays illuminate my days and parts of my nights and that is reason to rejoice.

i miss you. please come back.


Pocket.Buddha said...

i fully agree with all points made in this post, and would like to add a promise to dance, pray, and give sacrifices to a sun god of your choosing to sweeten the deal

Abigail Road said...

I miss the sun something fierce.

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