August 19, 2007

even the goddess gets a day off :)

ahh, what a weekend it's been. SO much fun and damn but my knee is NOT happy with after the dead celebrity party Friday night. but it was too much fun. we had all the blonde bombshells: Anna Nicole, Courtney Love and 2 Marilyns, Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn in Holly-Go-Lightly mode, crikey it's Steve Irwin, Mr. Kinsey was on report and an on the spot makeover to Hunter S Thompson. Then there was the Joey Ramone/Howard Stern multiple personality, 2 Johnny Cash (both without the hat or the guitar), the famous roadie that doubles as a boy toy for the blondes ... a Waylon or Conway (can't quite remember which?) and Indira Ghandi.

i love backyard parties. everyone has a blast, the living room becomes the dancehall, cards are happening in the dining room and one is never ever bored! to abigail and the house of pain, our great thanks for letting us come and mess up your house!

on a more bizarre note, we were getting into the cab in the wee hours to boogie on home and the taxi driver puts on a mask ( in little old Regina no less)- you know the little white ones that you use when you're painting, that almost look like surgical masks ... yeah! being me and being familiar with this particular driver, I just could not resist asking "why?" he said there was too much smell of smoke and alcohol, etc ... i just shook my head and waited for the ride to end. i had no idea how disconcerting it is to sit beside someone driving with a surgical mak on ... kinda creeped me out.

saturday morning was housekeeping and phone calls - and my Devi come to sleepover. my little joybug. and angus bodhi cat behaved for the most part! we didn't go to the park because of my stupid knee but we did all kinds of other things. frustration, and the itsy bitsy spider game, monoploy junior (which she very quickly bankrupted me at) watched a couple of movies, read some stories, and made french toast and bacon breakfast for uncle murray this morning (she thinks the texture of raw egg is "completely gross" - too funny). she is just getting so big - she starts grade 2 in a couple of weeks though she says she's not ready for stupid school to start yet. then as we were waiting for amanda & chris to pick her up we made up about 20 new choruses to "Down by the Bay" - she's getting pretty good at imaginative rhyming! Seth is coming next Saturday - who hoo!

so today is lazy day. mur came back after his diner shift and laughed because I am almost NEVER just lying on the couch - but it's all cloudy and windy and I'm just not interested in accomplishing much else and it was pretty comfy. and my lovely daughter had brought me home made chicken noodle soup the day before so i didn't even have to cook myself supper!

in retrospect ... I do have photos from 3 different gatherings to crop and post and a dress to shorten, neither of which I got anywhere close to. it appears i will have things to do after work this week hmmmmm. and my cousin Marci and her daughter are coming to town for a visit this week and I need to rearrange the office to move the pantry from the kitchen to pull out the appliances and move in my new little retro table for the breakfast nook and determine where i will put all the outdoor plants indoors and reorganize the hallway closet and YUCCHH! dig out the autumn wardrobe ... you know :)

so to all my friends out there at play, have a happy productive monday


Abigail Road said...

Surgical mask? Oh my god, that's creepy. You'd think that being a cabbie and all, he'd be used to people who smelled like smoke and alcohol!

wench said...

what was funnier is that same cabbie gives me rides all the time and that is the VERY first time I ever saw that!

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