August 24, 2007


wednesday & thursday - what a whiny mess i was: my knee hurt my left foot feels like it's broken, my back went out of place, the sun refused to shine, my rice didn't cook all the way through, i didn't win the lottery, i got the mother of all headaches and I have not been able to destrot the f@#$ing virus/malware that is randomly launching stupid IE browser windows (serves me right for using microsuck$ i guess)

however, i did write a few letters and did a dance for el Sol and it's here today. I also determined to get a bunch of little things done that i said i would do for people and then lost my round tuit. my to do list is almost ta done. plants, links, flowers, photos, website, letters, phonecalls - done. office - hmmmm half done. laptop is happening and all the storage, 1 desk moved, the other cleared ... gettin' there.

and karma smiles on all my dedicated focus by bringing me a loverly day on my day off and i have enough in my pocket for a coupla pints!

life gets better :)

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