August 28, 2007

mental paused

it's just soooo much fun to reach that point in your life where your body's monthly betrayal begins to come unglued. it seems that doctors either use it as a catch all and try and put you on some kind of magic bean to deal with the vaguaries of your traitorous flesh and howling hormones, or refuse to even recognize that the onset of this profound change should even begin to affect you until the hot flashes are close to nuclear. a woman with a beard and moustache is just not where I want to be!

and gods forbid that you take any joy in the fact that the days of mushy motherhood are soon to be fading memories. find me a sugar daddy and a plastic surgeon I say!

Though it may seem like it, it ISN'T all about surface stuff either. for those of us who are more fully endowed than others, a difference in mass and shape is a world changing thing. especially for those of us who have criminally poor self images to begin with! talk to some women who have reductions and they'll tell you that the reduced back strain from hauling the boulder girls around adds a spring to the step, and once the tatas are back to their pre-motherhood stature - holy crap, buttoned blouses fit again, and you can wear shirts with princess lines and darts without the clothes looking like they have been mis-fitted. and you can buy oh so many different styles of pretty lingerie that makes you feel even more feminine (if that's what you're int0 - i am). and wear tight tshirts without feeling like your tits are going to pop out the bottom if you walk too fast. I'd WAY rather have to worry that the girls will pop out of the TOP of my tshirt than the bottom - are you kidding?

Mind, I wouldn't give up my kids for anything. HOWEVER, they are adults on their own now and it's my turn. why shouldn't I make myself look better if that's what I want to do? I want a set of Wicked Wanda or Little Annie Fanny titties. full on the bottom, perky and with the nips pointing just a little bit upwards. Thank you dad for those magazines you stashed in the downstairs closet when I was in grade 4. They helped me deal with the fact that there was only one other girl with breasts in my class, and gave me a goal to shoot for for my 50th birthday. I might even get a tummy tuck too if I can drop the poundage before then (fat chance!) it'll be a groovy granny shakin her booty on her 50th. a bit of a nose job too if the funds are there.

ah well - big dreams. perhaps i should focus, now what was i going to say - oh yes, concentration can also be affected by the miserable malady - (hmm that looks like my lady - i'll have to look up the etymological root for that one) on top of the Bay of Fundy mood swings! by the hundred little gods I want some freakin chocolate - but NOOOO - i can't have that either ....

see what i mean? and I actually feel pretty good this morning. I have no idea what prompted this and now it's gone. hope y'all have wonderful tuesdays.


Pocket.Buddha said...

i am one of those girls who had a reduction, and let me tell you. . . shopping goes from being a chore to a serious problem!

although, my girls still like to escape, even if they no longer have the weight to throw around.

Abigail Road said...

Once I pop out a couple kids and my tits edge even closer to my knees, these puppies are gettin' reduced and put back up where they should be. Not that they've ever been up there, but I think they'd like the change of scenery.

wench said...

LOL - you guys kill me - thanks for the laugh. the mental has ceased to pause today. so far.

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