March 14, 2007

wed nes day

holy jumpin' catfish batman - i just dumped an entire big robin's mug of coffee on my office carpet! what a mess, soaked as much of it up as i can with some old newspapers.... and the day was going so well!

slipped on ice on way to work
sun is hiding behind clouds and very windy
only had one smoke left
health insurance misfiled my claim for the 2nd time in 3 days
bank processed chq dated for 22nd on 12th and won't have the $back in my account till thurs.
my office chair tips me exactly the wrong way to put pressure on already compressed disk
a relative is quite ill - affecting my kids
banged my forehead on my desk when cleaning up coffee mess(at least it wasn't my nose)
and to add insult to injury - farted in the elevator -

on the bright side my friend Theresa took me to lunch and it was lovely


abigailroad said...

Had a day like that as well. At least there's only 2 more days left....

Schmutzie said...

I cut open two fingers while moving boxes, banged my hip, and forgot about my laundry in the basement until the middle of the night. Somehow, it was still a good day.

wench said...

hahahahahaha - apparently we're all on the same sine wave ... don't you think the snow looks lovely? have a MUCH better day tomorrow.

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