March 09, 2007

my day off (everyone else's friday ;)

pints with the crew last evening, Robin's birthday, much talking and more laughing and supper was was so beautiful that many of us were mindful of the need for the deck and the pic-a-nic tables - but they won't be showing up for quite some time yet. at 4 am the geese flying back to Northern Sask woke me up with their honking ... i don't care what the groundhog says, spring is officially here, went immediately back to sleep with a smile in my mind.

woke up at 8:30, fed the cat, had some yogurt and opened the windows to let in the beautiful spring air and sunshine - all fresh and clean - decided it was my day off and promptly went back to nap with the fresh air wafting across my toesies. stupid phone ringing (i am genetically incapable of letting a phone ring - i have a primal prerogative that requires me to determine WHO IS IT?) up now, almost 10, did some chores, handful of little ones, made lunch, did some work on the PC, watered some but not all of the plants, and talked on the phone.

round teatime i walked over to Deb's and managed to circumnavigate all the puddles and most of the slushy stuff, had a coffee and conversation, delightful. walked to Luanne's the long way - just wanted to be outside, played some cards, stood out on her balcony and did some star gazing - man are there a lot of satellites up there now - and has anyone else noticed that the star at the left uppermost point of Orion seems preternaturally bright these days? came home and now it's off to beddy bye. ciao

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