March 12, 2007

bloody marvelous ...

sunday was kickback and try and figure out how to get my computer to burn a video file onto a DVD that will play in my DVD player. ^*$%#&!@! remember - breathe - so I have now tried 4 - yes 4 burning programs. SuperDVD, Nero, Sonic, WinDVD ... I have however accumulated much info on the manufacture and quality ratings of Cd and DVD blanks and nice new set of shiny coasters. i am not usually technologically baffled but by noon yesterday i had pretty much given up. which truly sucks because i purchased a shiny new DVD player over a month ago SPECIFICALLY so I could watch all the stuff i've downloaded on my tv instead of my laptop.
it was also a very good excuse to sit on my deck and finish one of the books i am currently reading (usually 3 or 4 on the go).

ahh the sun this morning was just bloody marvelous. enough puddles to play in and crackle that fragile ice that forms just around the edges but not wide enough to impede my progress. work went along at a good pace and now i'm done.

smells like genius.

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