March 27, 2007

Mon after work

why do complete strangers talk to me? especially strangers that are STRANGErs. i don't mind chatting with the occasional lonely on the bus, or waiting in a line. i am quite happy to exchange how-dos with street musicians, etc. i don't even mind short convos with the indigenous passersby on the concrete smoking lounge outside the pub. HOWEVER, if i am sitting on my front step, reading a book, looking all "leave me alone" ... why wHy WHY do they insist on perforating my little bubble of personal happy space!

Do i have a welcome nimbus surrounding me? Is there a welcome mat at my feet? Is there a big freaking neon sign above me that says "BOTHER HER" that only I cannot see? Anywhere, anywhere at all, does it say > talk to this woman - she only appears to be busy - that is an illusion - she is actually sitting and waiting for the strange to strike up a conversation?

No, it does not.

phew, all better now.


abigailroad said...

I know what you mean. I sometimes wonder if I have a sign above my head that says "I want to hear your crazy gibberish, everyone welcome". It was funny the other day though, when the King of Regina ran up to me, mad as all hell, and called me a "Half-breed Toronto Faggot", and then told me he wished that I stepped in some "stink ass,half-breed toronto faggot dog shit."I wished him good day, and laughed all the way home.

wench said...

well i was in the process of shakin it off once i ranyed but the ... on my way home I was acosted n o less than 5 times in 1 block (scarth street mall) and asked for change twice, a cigarette, a looney and busfare. apparently my compassion and tolerance have limits. i am faitrly sure i was polite to the first 3, but i told the looney guy he was one, and told busfare to get his 2 feet amovin - in a direction away from me. then i felt bad. but damn, i do what i can ut there are limits. and don't ask for busfare when you reek of lysol and big bear - come on.

abigailroad said...

AH, the bus fare guy. I've about had it with him as well. Maybe if i ever saw him actually get on the bus, instead of just going to the next person and getting more "bus fare", i'd give a shit. I figure that you should at least be honest...if you're bumming money for smokes and booze or whatever your vice is, just tell me, there's no need to lie.

wench said...

i think perhaps our expectations are a little high, or we are attempting to live with an honesty that other people just don't get. That would also explain our choice of friends, as most seem to be of the same opinions.

or we're lemmings HAHAHAHAH

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