March 10, 2007

that new car smell ...

it makes me sneeze! went out new car shopping with Lu today ... good grief charlie brown ... no wonder I don't have a car. Let's see, we looked at a Kia Rio5 @ 22K, sporty but not enough front seat leg room and the Spectra was slightly larger but very "family car" (both have 5yr 100,000K bumper to bumper warranty with roadside assistance) though there will be a "Sport" limited edition coming in in a few weeks, A VW Jetta - great car, solid with nice lines, but more than 28K, a Toyota Matrix (you'd think they'd have better colour selection) which was nice but it uses an alternative gas in the tires (good idea but what happens when you're out in the boonies?) the Honda Fit was best overall, a zippy little sport, great mileage, nice ride, good pick up for a 4 banger, lots of cargo room, much space in front, back and middle. great versatility for seat configuration and a great metallic copper but only a 3 year 60K warranty (bells and whistles but no sunroof). the Honda Civic was nice, had the goodies but though a 2 door looks nice, not too practical when hauling more than 1 tall or descrepit passengers. much for Lu to ponder over.

personally I like the pontiac Solstice ragtop - sweet ride - impractical but a curvy beauty she is.

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