March 03, 2007

the third of the third ...

okay then, was back to work this week - and glad to be there. people starvation had set in solid. it's amazing how just seeing your regular people makes you feel better! still tired all the time though, get home and sleep for 3 hours (which doesn't do a hell of a lot for the sleep pattern) but once i get off the rest of my meds it'll get better. or at least that's the "plan"

my friend Renee wanted to go to "Change for Change" at the exchange (say that 6 times fast) a multi band/dj shindig for a good cause, and a good time had by all. just close your eyes and let the music breathe through you. aahhhhh. soooo much better ... heartbeat of the world ...

love the drum and bass. i was one of the "just wanna boogie woogie oogie till i just can't boogie no more" girls. big surprise there... all music is danceable - is that not the point? a good groove is the physical articulation of exactly who you are at that moment in time, inside is out and the spirit is movin'.

had a great sleep. suffice it to say that I woke up to a wondrous morning. hope everyone has a brilliant day.


Schmutzie said...

I'm glad you're on the mend. It's about time!

KeishaMama said...

Just reading your blog this morning picked me up a bit. :D

wench said...

now if only i could get that damn song out of my head ....

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