March 08, 2007

it's friday, I mean my friday, your thursday ...

it's my friday because I have an EDO tomorrow (earned day off) so I get a long weekend.

yesterday I got all caught up on the backlog at work so today I am working on today's incoming. who hoo!

this morning when I woke up at 7am, the sun was shining in my window - ahhhh HUGE sigh of relief, and a smile crept over my face like the grinch when his heart grew. auto sloughing of winter doldrums began. the walk to work was a stroll into the light, and the grin grew. by the time i got to the office it was cheshire.

having reclaimed my generally optimistic outlook, I decided to see if I could wear my glasses today. a light graze of the shnoz proved painless, the bruising just a faint olive tinge under the skin ... what they hey, put them on - a little uncomfortable but no real pain. 3rd homerun of the day and it was only 9am.

it's now 1:30 and the sun shone all through lunch (I was out doing a little goddess worship at noon time) amanda & chris are out unplugging their street drain in an atttempt to allieviate the 3 inches of water already starting to pool at the curb. It's the first spring in the new house so it's better safe than sorry (personally, I think they like to play in the puddles too). I am quite sure that the streets on my way home will be mush when it's time to slog on, but it does not matter because I like to jump in the puddles too. (I told you before I prefer to stay 8 years old).

think I'll get a light jacket and sit on my deck and read a bit - hallelujah the hundred little gods are smilin' on me today.

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