January 02, 2007

... sometimes

... I really surprise myself. I work diligently at being orgasnized, and this morning it paid off. first day of work in the new year - I'm early, my office is tidy, the holiday decorations were pur away last Thursday, my new 2007 calendar is resting on the desk, waiting to be put up on the wall. my timesheet for this week is ready and waiting to be sent. it's good to be the queen!

... I wish to be alone. usually I am surrounded by the buzz, people, phones, computers, animals, children, grown up children and happy to be in the middle of the melee. today the quiet of my office soothes nerves jangled through the holidays.

it's wednesday now - so much for quiet :)

... I wonder what moron ever thought (very loosely used) to create such a %^@$!# program as filemaker pro, and not include anything - nevermind anything USEFUL, in the help files.

... I'm just tired and just want to give up on all the crap I have been directed to do to keep myself hapyy. fibre pfftt! yogurt pfffttt! legumes double - pfffft! what I wouldn't give for my death by chocolate cheesecake - and I do mean the whole cake - not some sniveling little chunk of chocolate.

... I think I whine too much, bye.

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