January 07, 2007

oh the games people play ....

another song for late saturday evening... I squeaked past my girlfriend Luanne at cribbage ~ by one crib hand this aft. I won at scrabble junior with my 5 & 6 year old grandkids by 1 word AND I won at dino excavation too. and then I kicked Chris's butt at Deal Or No Deal. no deal baby! says the daughter of a banker. I managed to make enough to pay off all my debts, my mortgage, completely redo my kitchen, bathroom AND the wiring - and still have $50,000 to go a travellin' val de ree... val de rah ... a knapsack on my back. (but my lottery ticket was a dud)

sunday morning tea party with chai and butter tarts. 2 games of junior monopoly with the grands where they promptly put me into bankruptcy (so much for the career in real estate) and then for SUPER Scrabble with the big kids whereupon my ego got some surcease from the earlier double loss to the teeny twosome. it's been a good day.

then home again and I have already done all my chores ... think I'll go to bed early, too much excitement for me :)

sweet dreams

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