January 24, 2007

hump day . . .

WOO HOO!and tuesday will be my good news day ...

some day he'll come along, and there he was
his hair all short and long, some facial fuzz
a guinness sweet was in his hand,
Frosty's in from... E...ste....van....

HAH HAH! sometimes I kill me. Does anyone know what tune is running through my head today?

needless to say it was a happy Ohanlon's evening with my buddy in for a visit, and of course with the Law of Attraction quietly at work behind the scenes, he introduces me to a friend of his ... who I had met 3 years ago and hadn't seen since! and she welds - which is a bonus for me because I need to make a backsplash so I can install my new stainless steel, bowl and a half, built in drainboard sink. it's sooo pretty and I am heartily sick of it sitting staring at me in my bedroom.

as usual, a variety of the homely crew gathered for a libation or two. the genius was flowing and conversation was enthusiastic to say the least. ah! what a great end to a good day.

today is hump day and my boss' last day before her vacation so we are working hard at getting as much completed before she goes, so I won't drown while she's gone :)
everything appears to be in order, various plans are going apace, and I am even caught up on my email. (did I tell you how much I love my job? no! well I am one of the lucky few who actually enjoys what I send a third of my life doing)

so tonight it's off home to do some cleaning and make roasted beasted for me and the boyo.

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