January 17, 2007

ignorance is NOT bliss...

I am so utterly finished with the presumption, to say nothing of the generally deplorable manners of the blissfully ignorant. So listen up ye kings of instant gratification and queens of "get someone else to do it", I have a few things I need to say.

I will teach those who ask for assistance if I have the time and they are willing to learn. I have spent uncounted hours providing computer support for the technologically challenged, and seen them grow their own skills. I AM QUITE CONTENT TO HELP THOSE PEOPLE WHENEVER THEY NEED IT. That is FRIENDSHIP. But I have had a bellyful of those selfish, snivelling, whiny, kiss ass layabouts who don't really want help - but only want someone to do it FOR THEM.

I have more productive things to do - like practice snoring. just because I know how - does not mean I am willing. a computer is just another tool. you don't drive a car unless you know how it works and have a license. you can't bake a freaking cake unless you have the recipe and know how to use the stove/oven/microwave/EASYBAKE OVEN. you sure as hell can't build a stable deck without a plan and knowledge of the tools required. so if you want to use a computer - learn how the computer works. enough with the bullshit excuses - I'm too old/young/dumb/uneducated/inexperienced, I'm afraid, I feel stupid. I can't. the list goes on forever.

just learn the basics like how to shut off the picture thingy (monitor) when the loud box (CPU or tower) goes quiet, or how to recognize that the computer isn't broken, you just haven't turned on the monitor. how to copy and paste and how to find the help files, how to handle maintenance routines like clearing caches and temp files, virus and spyware scanning. understand WHY you need those email settings. your brain will not blow up.for the sake of the hundred little gods BACKUP IMPORTANT FILES & PICS ONTO ANOTHER MEDIUM BESIDES THE FREAKING HARD DRIVE!!! a portable hard drive can be picked up for $100 or less these days. learn the terminology.


if y'all are too lazy to help yourselves then consider yourself ignorance squared. too stupid to learn and too dumb to care.

apparently I am starting to feel a little more normal today.

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