January 04, 2007

last night I dreamt I died ...

... I had gone to sleep and never woke up. I had so much yet to say to those I loved. there was no pain, fear or anxiety, just a strange floaty feeling tinged with regret and a feeling of release, of movement through the bardos, and then I woke up.

once awake I was unable to regain dreamland but lay there ruminating on those regrets. what words of wisdom have I gathered in 45 years of living on the planet?

Love with your whole heart, wounds heal. Laugh - every day! Smile - it's contagious. Value yourself. Never LIVE in the past, but feel free to visit it once in awhile to remind yourself of lessons learned but always step forward into your future. "improvise and overcome" dk

Amanda you will always be my sweet baby - no matter how old you get. Murray be strong and be GOOD to yourself, you are always loved. Devi & Seth, I will love you bigger than the universes forever and ever ...

These are some of the words that I attempt to live by:

"Compassion is not enough, one must act." Dalai Lama
"Elegance is simplicity." CoCo Channel
"Great spirits always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds." and
"I want to know God's thoughts, the rest is details." Einstein
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (unless you're twisted)

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abigailroad said...

Ok, maybe it's because i'm PMS-ing, but you almost made me cry. So I phoned my mom. Thank you.

improvise & overcome

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