January 26, 2007

friends ...

have you ever sat down and figured out how many friends you have? I mean real friends - not just acquaintances - the friends who like you no matter what stupid thing you did in public last night... your personal floatation device when you're drowning and your anchor you when you're flying. Friends tell you when you are stepping over the line, and defend you even when you do. They are the people that make you grin from the inside when you see them! They give you that warm fuzzy "I belong" feeling when they give you that hug with the extra squeeze. Good times or bad - they genuinely care for you. Well if you have 1, that's more than most people these days, count yourself lucky.

I thank the hundred little gods everyday for my friends. I am fortunate to have more friends than I can count on my fingers and toes, which to me seems quite extraordinary. They are my "happiness club". I'll be blue and not really know why when I run into one of them and the whole world gets a little brighter. realization dawns ... I was missing my heart friends.

remember though, that friendship is a two way street, a social contract. If they're there for you, turnabout is expected. You don't have friends if you can't be one.

Life pushes and pulls at us, inexorable as oceanic tides. So easy to lose sight of sanity's shore. Tie a knot in the anchor-line and hang on, call your friends (what a thought)they'll be there to drag your sorry ass back into the shallows.

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