March 22, 2008

what to do...

Spring is in the air and apparently it found the dk motivator switch OR she finally got so bored she seriously started looking for things to do. Not even reading can grab her attention for more than 20 minutes or so.
On St Paddy's day my doctorola gave me the green to go back to work next Tuesday. BIG FREAKING YAY! I'm sure that helped the getupandgogo levels.

All the plantage has been debrided of its detritus and some moved to better views.
I not only installed two shelves that I couldn't put in the bathroom (hollow 100 year old gumbo and wire grill walls)in the living room window but actually REMEMBERED there was a third and got it happening as well.
Quite smashing, they are shiny stainless steel rounded bars. As I was searching in the closet of projects that had gone to hell, I also found the lovely matching swing arm towel rack ... same wall support issue ... I was thinking laundry hanger, hanger, plant hanger that will let me hang plants in the obtuse angle in the living room without attempting to drill the cement slab ceiling that is underneath more 100 year old plaster (you can just see the disaster shaping up there can't you?).
Dusting and sweeping were commenced on Wednesday last and as I look down my hardwood hallway today I wonder why I bothered.
I have gone for a short walk every day.I can do 2 flights of stairs before the knee starts to pull from strain, I actually managed to do laundry today and that's 2 flights 6 times with an hour rest between - not so bad - but that's it for the stairs today. I certainly won't be doing the watusi any time soon.
The bathroom elbow joint is still dripping however, and I think the tub tap is on it's way there as well.
Going the the dotter's tonight to do eggs and take pictures of tomorrow's bunny madness, and turkey dinner ... mmmmm.

Hoppy Bunny Day to all.

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Schmutzie said...

And a Hoppy Bunny Day to you, too!

Spring hit me, as well. I did laundry, swept, moved two dressers and a couch, scooped the cat litter, and cleared out four boxes of stuff we stored for who knows what reason.

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