March 15, 2008

and now it's 6:15

hmmmm - time to make coffee - tried to go to bed again, even tried reciting the multiplication x5 tables (works for a friend of mine) but no shut eye for this cat. I did however note that there are 3 drill holes from my last futile attempts at installing hooks and plant hangers that I need to fill. (never mind plaster, the beams are cement over huge wood timbers and some tough unknown shit from 1914), right under the layer of plaster. Even a cement bit wouldn't chew through it.

Then I also noticed that I had not finished the painting effect in the bedroom because I am not yet stable on a ladder. Then it was on to I should reorganize all my furniture (too heavy to do alone and will wake up the downstairs neighbours), and the various configurations possible, none of which pleased me. I know! I'll paint the other 2 walls and the ceiling ... hmmm what shade of yellow should I use now, something lighter I think (currently buddha gold)and then it was back to the ladder thing. Which of course led my brain to my terminally cabinetless kitchen and then off to dream with oak and punched tin and my new sink that's been in my clost for 4 years now (at least I got the taps installed last year). And cabinets and deep pot drawers and counterspace ... just a minute ...
What is that noise? Oh yes the new drip in the tub faucet ...

You can see how useful that exercize was. Onward ho, it's Saturday.

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