March 27, 2008

5 on the 27th : girlfriends

We used to be such great friends until you hermitized yourself away. I'm sorry I could not be everything you needed me to be. I've tried to call but you changed your cell number and have no landline. I cannot find your address to write you a letter. I miss you.

You make me want to smile and dance every time I see you. You have this open handed generosity that supercedes that of everyone I have ever known. Your ups and downs and continual questioning let me know that it's okay to be confused sometimes. You throw a great freaking party! Just remember that you do need to take time for yourself once in a while. smooches.

Your smile can brighten up the whole place when you let it out. Your sense of the absurd is delicious and makes me laugh. You remind me of myself 15 years ago. Don't work too hard, money is great but we do have to have a few limits. Did you know that you have this precious little gurgle in your laugh that triggers laughter in others? Thanks.

Your adaptability and inner strength are amazing, yet you perceive yourself as weak? Love is a wonderful and betimes nasty hook into other peoples lives and none of us can be everything to everyone. You wit matches your intelligence and your writing is amazing. Watching you get trampled by uncaring bastards drives me crazy but you manage to keep poking your head up through the grunge and carry on. Intestinal Fortitude you have in spades my fried. You make me appreciate life more.

Well Miss Sunshine you are quite simply a "lovely gel". Your sense of honour appeals to me. Your love of music and need to belong to a community is a wonderful thing. You are such a GREAT mom, never doubt it. Whenever I see you the intervening time just swooshes away and my day is always brighter for your appearance. Woot!

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