March 13, 2008


This year if I add up my kids and my ages it equals 100 years of accumulated ... what, wisdom? Hah! I think I'll go with cumulative experience.

Bit of a sprain in the ligament on the side of my knee. Thank you bathtub. Everyone thought it was strong enough ... not quite. I have managed to walk 4 blocks sans the cane - BIG progress as far as I'm concerned - it's always falling down and getting in the way. They should make a telescoping cane with more tensile strength so you can fold it up when you are seated. Like the white canes for the blind, only stronger. I've spoken to a fair number of elderly people in my shuffles to the store and we all think it's a grand idea. Someone please run with it ... heh heh.


Abigail Road said...

ok, enough already. i want all you lovely women in my life to be healed and healthy and in tip top shape already. :)

dk said...

mirror mirror ... nya nya nya nya nya ... workin' on it sweets.

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