March 25, 2008

la la la loverly ...

the sun wa sshining, the wind below a gale ... my knee didn't give out on the way to work. There were only 2 letters waiting for me and a bunch of people who took the time to come and say hi, and that they were glad I was back. Apparently it has ben vewy vewy qwiet. I felt so good after getting through the 475 emails in my mailbox that I decided to attempt to purchase a new pair of jeans ( a situation that Abigail would surely understand). I determined a budget of $150 for a pair of walking shoes suitable for work, a new top and a pair of jeans.

I came home with a pair of jeans, a smashing pair of chocolate brown velvet brushed cords, 4 tops (3 with sparklies and one beribboned & reembroidered), 2 pair of pretty panties, a pair of black walking shoes and a some vintage looking white shades, for less than $150. So I treate dmyself to lunch and a pint with the change.

happy happy dayliola ...

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