March 15, 2008

3 am

So here it is.almost 3 in the morning and I am awake and not tired at all - again. Not tired but the brain is in a frenzy tired. Not caffeine (only 2 cups today) or sugar (I don't eat sugar though those Easter chocolates are lookin' pretty tasty) wired tired. Not I've been up so long I can't shut down tired. Just plain awake. My mind is calm, I'm a little hungry, I'm not particularly stressed but apparently tonight I do not need sleep. I want to sleep. I spent 2 hours lying with my eyes closed waiting for sleep to come and visit. But no.

I'm sure I will be tired when I take the boneshaker to visit my son's new apartment. In fact somewhere along Albert Street I expect I will start doing the nod and pray to the hundred little gods that I do not miss my stop (Has happened several times). And I am sure that I will be even more tired by tomorrow afternoon. In fact if I can manage it I will be so tire tomorrow night from trying to stay awake so that I can sleep Saturday night, that I will then become too tired and will find myself in the same predicament as I do now (worst case scenario).

And by the way - naps don't work either. If I nap for less than an hour I just want to go back to sleep. If I nap for 3 hours, my body thinks it's morning when I get up. At this rate when I'm 70 I'll only be sleeping 3 hours a day/night whatever - like it will matter - I'll be 70 and do what I want when I want.

Not bad managed to stay focused for a whole 17 minutes. I think I will go read a book.

1 comment:

jello said...

love this post. i often am awake at night and have no idea what to do about it. i end up reading blogs of people i don't know. which brings me to people like you. now i am awake and wanting to take a nap, but i have too many people in my house to allow that to happen. oh well. maybe tonight.

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