September 27, 2008

no longer HOMEless

I've always lived in different places, we moved alot when I was young, but I usually considered HOME to be at my grandma Jones's in Swan River or my grandma Millie's in saskatoon. The grandma's are gone now and MJ where my dad lives has sort of taken on that role - but it's not the same - no sense of HOMEstory - you know?

I realized yesterday that HOME is now my place. All those other places were home at the time but they weren't really HOME. Sort of transitional places to stay and grow the family, build the career, etc.

A few friends popped over last night to do some girly hair stuff and without even thinking about it hostess mode turns on and there's cocktails and some munchies... it's just automatic. Thank you dad. And it felt great.

Last week when some of the ladies were over - it was the same thing. I love sharing my home with my (borrowed from Miss Stacy) framily.

So now I'm making my own HOMEstory, and it seems somehow significant - I'll figure it out.

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