September 03, 2008

what moves you?

I went to a great concert Tuesday night and was chair dancing from the first tune (no dance floor). When the music moves my soul, the rest of me follows. What truly amazed me was that halfway through the show, 90% of the people there weren't even nodding their collective heads, never mind the occasional torso twitch. Are we so afraid to allow ourselves that freedom of movement even within our own societally dictated 2 square feet of space? Or is everybody just dead inside to the music?


Abigail Road said...

I would go with the latter. People just aren't as fun as they used to be. They have to be, that they forget to just let loose. Not everyone of course, but I've noticed this at shows as well.

dk said...

I love you bebe! thak the 100 little gods its not just me.

Nat said...

I remember thinking the same thing at the folk festival. There were a whole whack of people standing at the front of the stage and...well, they were doing just that. Standing. Absolutely still. I was moving more in my little festival chair than they were in front of the stage. And this was a folk festival

dk said...

I bet there'll be more movement on the zombie walk ;)

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