September 06, 2008

bye bye cellphone

It took me years to finally cave and get a cell phone, this July. Didn't go on a contract, just pay as you go. You have to buy and activate a new card every 60 days. If you have left over minutes, they roll over.

I went in to buy a new card on the 60th day and they had already deactivated my account and took the $33 I still had left. Tried all avenues, no success, not happy. So I purchased a new card, but only $20 this time. Finally got most of my numbers entered in etc, and was finding it fairly convenient to have around.

Last night at the patio someone went into my purse and took my phone. Not the smokes, not the happy can, not my credit cards - not a smart thief - just my phone. My friends and I have been calling the number - no answer.

So to whoever took my phone:
You should have taken the credit cards too - missed opportunity there dumbass - you could have bought a car on my mastercard. Or if it was a case of borrowing it - give it back. Or drop it off to one of the servers at the patio as "found". I don't care who or why - I just want all my numbers back.


1 comment:

Abigail Road said...

Holf Fuck, that sucks!

I quit using my pay as you go phone, because I hardly used it, and was sick of them taking my minutes away when time was up. Greedy fucks.

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