September 14, 2008

the weekended

thurs at the dishpit was a blast- twistin' the nite away, and jammin later was too hilarious. almost slept in Friday - what a gorgeous day, and it was off to the patio to celebrate Deb's 51st bday (she'll love me for that). Saturday was crafts with the kidlets and some solid relaxin at home. Sunday the hot girls + Marc & Logan went for brunch at the Regina Inn - amazing! Though bailey's for your coffee is not available until noon. I even got my pics posted - huzzah!

This week it's the laundry, elton john, my niece ashley's bday, wine with the ladies and handsome Joe's bday at the same time as celtica with Tgirl, carebear, lana and the boys. And then it's saturday again.

no wonder why I'm tired.

but happy;)

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