September 20, 2008


barren still and silent, my road runs ever on
images of childhood, fleeting joyous, now they're gone.
friendships made, some lost or frayed - loneliness abiding
the tears that fall, when memories call with regret slowly rising.

the lives you've shared with ghosts long past and lovers in the gloom
the questions never answered, as the shadows fill the room.
laughter love and anger, fear resentment searing pain
your life so full yet empty, missing something you won't name.

whenever happiness walks by, and turns to stop and gloat
what is it really, ask yourself, that tightens up your throat.
the many friends, good job, great kids and thriving family tree
yet deep inside and running wild, desires you will not free.

it's not for you you tell yourself, you had your chance and lost
afraid to take that step again, you can't afford the cost.
the mirror shows the outside, a reflection of the self
you turn your back or cry alone unwilling to reach out.

trapped in your own labyrinth, of self mistrust and shame
you don't know how to find the way, out of your own damned game.
filled with desperation, barely choking out a breath
you run and dance and laugh and sing, a whirling dervish never rests.

you fill your life with people and you love them one and all
but still you're slowly sliding, back to that place before the fall.
the slippery slope of nothingness that leeches out your life
once you're alone and sitting in the deep of silent night.

you want someone to save you, yet you're too mute for the task
it wouldn't even matter if someone came right out and asked
around and round in circles your heart fights with your brain
the moon and stars the only ones, to see tears fall like rain.

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