September 19, 2008

which way did I go?

... still running like Wiley Coyote. Note to self: I am not complaining, it's just an observation. Last weekend's insomnia twisted this sister and I've been trying to catch up all week. I had to move my DO from Friday to Monday since I hadn't really had any sleep in about 2 and a half days. Thank the hundred little gods that my boss was amenable to the change because I only have 1 sick day and 1 vacation day available to me until the end of December.

THe Elton John concert was the BEST!!! Patty and I got up after 3 songs and went and danced and sang at the railing through the whole thing. I have now officially sung duets with Sir Elton...

Wednesday was rush ruah to get to Liza's for my neice Ashley's 18th birthday party. SO much more sedate than the beer bong bash for Liza's 40th a couple of weeks ago;)And Thursday was danger wine night - cause you never really know how you will wake up the next day and you know you have to work. Me? All good.

So I'm just getting off work now and then it's of to deckadance for Handsome Joe's birthday and a chance to visit with some of my original work crew and buddies I haven't seen since summer got here - and reel to the lambent tones of Celtica.

tomorrow I rest. maybe. subject to change.

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