October 01, 2008


My favorite month. My Birthday, concerts galore - Neil Young, Feist, SNFU and Lenny Kravitz, along with the zombie walk and the biggest costume bash of the year! And this year the costume is just a tad extravagant. All hail hallowed October.

I bought a car yesterday. yes I did. Shiny red and new to me - ahhh the freedom. I've not had one for 7 years or so... egads but I love to cruise in my automobile. I gassed it up (bit of a shocker there) then I washed it and waxed it and took it for all to see, cruisin' down the road just my baby and me. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Note to self: take some pictures of the car and find her name. She used to be a Clifford, but wit the adoption and gender change and all, needs a new moniker.

Workin' on the hallowe'en mask. It's divalicious.


Schmutzie said...

Congratulations on the new car!

Neil said...

yes, congrats on the car. Now, tell me about this zombie walk...

dk said...

The zombie walk is a whack of people made up like zombies who shuffle their way from the legislative buildings to victoria park. for fun. and then go party. there's a facebook group.

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