October 24, 2008

clearly delusional

so apparently yesterday Huey Lewis was bouncing through my brain. I don't know why, but the dtty sucks. I would delete the post but I like to leave the ugly ones there to remind me to think before I post.

I actually managed to get this time sensitive project completed a day early yesterday, so I should be able to leave work today with everything moderately under control. Who Hoo! It's my birthday on Monday and I would much rather be ahead when I start the day.

D'Kar d'pissed me off this am. I was all organized to get everything in D'Kar and take it to work so that I could get to the bridge before the zombies this afternoon to take some pictures before they infest Victoria Park. But no. D'Kar she went rrrrrrrrr - and it was a no go. C'est la vie. I will ask Chris if he will come and boost me tomorrow.

Off to work now.

1 comment:

Abigail Road said...

That's the thing with cars, when you need 'em, they don't feel like working. Have fun watching zombies!

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