December 16, 2006

seasoned greetings

you know you live in the bible belt when a man complains that using "seasons greetings" or "happy holidays" is wrong, and it should be "Merry Christmas". He went on to explain that Canada is a christian country (WTF) and if we went to other countries we wouldn't see them changing their holiday salutations to Merry Christmas (apparently there are no christians in other countries)and if someone takes offense at "merry christmas" they should go back where they came from.

really... it was so bizarre, why even try to argue with him. that mind is a closed trap, best left shut or unimaginable garbage may spew forth.

personally - i don't really see what the big D is. I'm not christian but I don't go off when someone wishes me "merry christmas", and "season's greetings" seems completely appropriate if you aren't sure of someone's lifepath and are trying to be PC. I say "happy santa" because it is the spirit of saint nick that I celebrate. it's good to gift others, to share what you have - without expecting recompense. it's an example of what the world COULD be like if we all worked at it. well - once you get past the commercialism...

budgets are tight - aren't they always? so why not give of yourself?

This year my sisters and I realized how many memories and family traditions we were losing with the loss of our grandparents' generation, so we created a Family Cookbook, with 100+ clan gathered recipes. We are giving one to every member of the family and I am fairly sure that there will only be a few complaints (but those people complain about everything). my 16 year old niece and her friends got together outside of work & school and raised enough money to "Adopt-a-Family-for-Christmas". There is hope for us yet!

These are the kinds of things that christmas is about for me. And it's not truly selfless either - never doubt it! The feeling that you get when you help someone without expecting anything in return is the BIG payoff, unadulterated JOY.

So as Three Dog Night so wonderfully reminded us - Joy to the World baby!

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