December 24, 2006

. . .craziness

yesterday was insane and the first task on the list was over an hour late because the rental place was behind. last minute "have to be dones" that needed my assistance kept popping up - but I managed to catch up by about 7pm. I got all the presents for my friends delivered and collected lots of great hugs.

okay so it's the morning of christmas eve - I think I have everything that needs to be done - done. as usual - the regular dysfunctional family crap has already begun and the christmas "keep everyone who is feuding on an even keel dance" has commenced. the van is packed and it's off to sunny Moose Jaw for parents day. the kids will have a blast and it will be nice to visit with dad - hope his night shirt fits. Viv is cooking dinner - always a tasty feast - and then it's back in the van and off to Amanda's for christmas eve with the grandkids. and maybe a game of super scrabble with the daughter and her man. then it's sugarplum time while we wait for santa to visit,

all of my very best wishes to all of my friends and all of the friends I haven't met yet!

1 comment:

schmutzie said...

Happy Christmas Eve, DK!

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