December 19, 2006

... not quite wednesday

whew! glad Monday flew by - very productive - work caught up before all the holidays - start the new year with a clean desk. it was great to come home and find my son had reorganized and cleaned the media stand, hid all the wires and he cleaned the kitchen too! wicked sweet...

and now it's tuesday - "could be my good news day" .... bygones, it's a line from a song that seems to be running on an infinte loop in my back brain. so what is the good news? well you know that cookbook I put together, I gave a copy to a good friend of mine and she was excited about my granny's silver dollar pancake recipe ...(life is good when such simple things excite us) and lo and behold there are the ingredients - WITH NO MEASUREMENTS. And I had the damn thing proofed twice - by different people no less, it was probably the font. No, the solution is not to type them out and stick the correction in the book, but to leave the mistake there, in all it's misshapen glory, and see how many people notice. heh heh heh I could tell them I did it on purpose so they would have to call me - but that would be wrong (but funny).

so how much more do you have to do to be ready for xmas? only 6 more's what I still have to do
. . . finish at least one of Dad's nightshirts (AHA - I finished one tonight - doin' a little happy dance round the sewing machine!)
. . . wrap the presents

yup, that's it. Some might say I still need to put up the tree and do some baking. I decline for lack of motivation. HEY - I heard that - I am not a scrooge, Im just tired. I did get my summer vacation 2007 calendar done today though.

no worries

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