December 28, 2006

.. one more day, one more day, one more day

today is Friday - I mean Thursday, but really like a Friday since I have an EDO tomorrow, and then it's 4 days off with NO family commitments - wicked sweet!

Fun and frivolity shall rule on Sunday evening when the annual "rumoli for dimes" game commences at Lu's new condo. I might even walk away with $5 or so. We missed last year, so we are really looking forward to it. No kids, no holds barred rumoli is a frighteningly lifelike entertainment where the luck of the draw is the prime mediator ( that and the "pay a quarter for stupidity" rule ).

Other than that I have 2 sewing projects left , curtains for Ron *&$#@!, it's really cool material, but causing me no end of grief and snarls on the machine and another night shirt for dad, 1000+ photos to sort through, crop and post, the usual household chores - laundry, floors, the bathroom, clean and water the jungle, cat litter, clear the disarray in my room that has piled up over the packaging season and maybe grab a few groceries. yada yada yada.

Then maybe I can relax for a day, install my new game, watch a movie or two, sing on the phone with the grandkids - that kind of stuff.

Well back to work - the intention is to leave the desk clean and bright for the New Year :)



abigailroad said...

On a lonely Xmas Day long ago, a bunch of aquaintances, who had nowhere to go for Xmas, gathered here at the House of Pain, drank beer, and played Rumoli for hours. We aren't just aquaintances anymore. Go Rumoli!

wench said...

heh heh heh - next time you play - give me a call - I love rumoli! It's one of those games that lets people chat while they're playing. We're really just big kids at heart

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