February 27, 2009

Ten random things beginning with the letter G:

An invitation to meme from Saviabella : you get a random letter assigned to you and then you create a list of your ten favourite things that begin with that letter. Savia has assigned me with the letter G.

As a G stream of consciousness:

1. Good times - c'mon, that was a Gimme ..... LOL I kill me!

2. Gigabytage - the more the better and in this case size does in fact matter. I am now flirting with Terabytage .... what can I fill it up with?

3. Gin. Specifically Bombay Gin .... with soda, a splash of tonic (enough so that it glows in the dark) and lime juice with wedges. In a Pint glass, doubled. On the deck ....ah it all goes back to summer.

4. The word "gadzooks" which is commonly used as an exclamation. However Deb & I looked up the etymology this morning and it comes from "God's hooks: as in the nails used in the crucifixion of Christ. I guess in this case a painful exclamation. Sometimes I think I should just star iggerrant.

5. The ideology of the "Goddess", the "great Mother", and Gaia", all gals with a plan and an understanding of how we are all interconnected.

6. Gargoyles: the protective ones not the evil slimy ones.

7. Gangster movies, the old black and whites, stylin'.

8. Guns: the noise they make and the damage they do. Respectfully, and in a good way, and not on people. I am an avid ingestor of the wild. Elk, deer, moose, bison. Have you ever tried to catch your dinner with a bow & arrow? It's usually NOT. But the feeling - like electric shock, when you are shooting ... like heroin only better.

9. Galapagos - my dream dream vacation, a month just drifting from island to island - well, not really drifting, how about sailing ... yes - that's it! The fecundity of that part of the earth is limitless.

10. Grapefruits. Sweet and tart. What a saucy breakfast. The juice without sugar so it puckers your kisser, specially the ruby red ones. I eat them like oranges.

And as a bonus G-Man. You know who you are ;)
G, G,, let's sing the song of Geeeeeeee.


Graeme said...

It saddens me to not make your top ten list of G-based things.

dk said...

I am so Sorry Graeme. But I have many G based friends and it was all or none :)

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