February 08, 2009

sunday doldrums

The bday party was great on Friday, Kev was happy, a rousing game of LOTR Monopoly was played (it even has the one ring) where Jaime the slum-mistress was kicking ass and taking properties. it was potlach so I made this tasty shepherd's pie my way: bison brie bison havarti onions celery garlic and herbed smashed potatoes with Monterrey jack and mozza on top. It was gone lickety split - Yeah!

Saturday was spent with at the Winter Caleigh - playing Scrabble, quaffing a few pints with a few dozen friends old and new. D&J made it down with Dalindy and dragged in a couple of WOW friends from Ontario - another DK no less and he was hilarious! We toasted the Brennan's bday in absentia - the dancing king is still in Oz.

And now after a great night's sleep I am fired up and ready to attack the household horrors. Unfortunately I have now made three fruitless trips down to the communal laundry and have yet to get a load in. My enthusiasm quickly wanes. I still need to vacuum, clean the biffy, and hopefully make a dent on the crap I need to clean sweep from my room so I can lay out the pattern pieces for the sewing project. As the day creeps forward I don't appear to be getting anywhere fast. Ah me....

So I shall make another trip to the bowels of the condo and see yet again if there is a washer open - and I will remember to take the recyclables this time ...

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