February 25, 2009

hmmm ... humpday

It is actually winter out today, it was -27 this morning yet now when I gaze out the 12th story window, sunlight almost blinds me with its radiance, though there is little heat partnered with it. The weather has ben just freakin' wonky the last few weeks, but that really isn't a strangeness, it just hasn't been February for a year. Saturday it was so nice out I didn't have to wear socks for Scrabble with Team Mensa!

Today I'm tired - I think I am sleeping with my eyes open - but how do you tell - when you are asleep. All I know is that since before Christmas, everymorning when I wake up there is a .5cm section of BOTH my eyeballs that is bloodshot. It's as if my eyes aren't quite closed - so if I open them all the way, the rest of the eyeball is normall whiteness... I have tried to catch myself just as I wake up but that's not working. And now I've noticed that I believe I can see things even when my eyes are completely closed, like looking through tissue paper. Perhaps I am developing super menopausal powers, that would be kind of cool, or at least a bit of a trade off.

I find that I am completely unable to become enthused over other people's new pets. That sucks. I have been a friend to cats everywhere my whole life, and had some fun with dogs (though they still see a bit stupid to me - even the smart ones) but now that I have become allergic to them, the instantaeous cmraderie I used to feel when meeting a new feline friend has fizzled to almost nothing. Waaaah! As for the dogs - sure puppies are cute, until they pee on you, or the rug, or the cat. Mostly they're like mewling puking newborns... hmmmm perhaps some pent up angst there?

I like kids once they are around two and a half. Out of diapers and talking. THEN they're fun!

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